Welcome to Medgate Day Hospital

Medgate Day Hospital (MDH) is an Advanced Health day hospital located in Roodepoort, Gauteng. Operational since 1985, MDH was initially used predominantly by general practitioners and dentists to attend to the surgical needs of their patients. Recently, following specialised upgrades, the hospital has successfully extended its surgical facilities to include cosmetic,gynaecological, maxilla-facial and ophthalmic surgery.

We are the experts in plastic surgery (cosmetic surgery). We do many plastic surgery procedures including; breast augmentation (breast enlargement), breast liftbreast reduction for females, reduction of male boobs  procedures. We are the only clinic in Africa to have secured the amazing VASER lipo 2.2 technology which is cutting edge technology for the reduction of cellulite with new liposuction procedures. The VASER Lipo procedures for liposuction are revolutionary and we are able to do the plastic surgery procedures with no pain and almost no downtime. The results are long lasting, smooth and natural looking.

We have many satisfied clients who recommend us to their friends and family. We are proud of our trained and friendly staff and the quality of our plastic surgeons.